Our Mission || To support and empower female entrepreneurs.

Our Vision ||

Even the Playing Field.


Just 31% of businesses in Wisconsin are owned by women - leaving a gap that we feel not only in ownership, but leadership + mentorship. We know a lot of women who make things happen within a household, within an organization and within our community - but we don't always see those women at the helm. They're the worker bees. The creation of this grant was to encourage more women to take risks, to build a more innovative region + state, and to lead.  

We unabashedly believe that when you fund, mentor, stand by and stand up for women, amazing things are bound to happen. That's why we've created this all encompassing approach. By curating small business workshops, cultivating mentor + peer networks, and providing start-up capital - we're checking all the boxes so women in Wisconsin have the tools they need to succeed.  Give us 10 years, you'll see. 

Rebecca Cooke,  Red Letter Grant Founder

Rebecca Cooke,

Red Letter Grant Founder