We've partnered with thought leaders + trailblazers to round out a judging panel and board to guide decision making and provide mentorship across the spectrum.


Judging Panel

A rotating panel of women business leaders review and select Red Letter Grant winners on a bi-annual basis. The panel consists of one grant recipient, one carry-over judge and three new judges each year. 


Kristen Dexter

Christine McCorkle
Pablo Properties

Kayla Midthun
Ramone’s Ice Cream

Karlee Wallin
Royal Credit Union

Jen Conaway*
Thread Vibez

*former Red Letter Grant recipient


Board of Directors

Kadie Fredell
Family Tree Clinic

Julia Johnson
Pablo Properties

Audrey Robinson
UW Eau Claire

Annie Bruss
Jack Andrea's

Heather Colburn
Run the World Digital

Rebecca Cooke
Red's Mercantile